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Monday, September 23, 2013

Chicken Wire & Birthdays - You Don't Say!

Birthdays are a big deal around here and today is a milestone.  Our oldest daughter turns 30! ....and NO I'm not feeling old.

I had a blast creating a great frame for her with chicken wire.  These have been the rage for quite a while, but I want it to be unique for her.

I started with some a frame I recovered from
a junk yard - spray painted it,
then sanded most of the paint away and applied
a stain (weathered grey was used here).

Then I got the hubby to help me
 (because apparently you need 8 hands)
and staple in the chicken wire.

I had a blast putting together the banner with
scrapbook paper coated in Modge Podge 
and then adding decor on it that I cut with my Cricut.

I used the same scrapbook papers to decorate
the mini clothespins used to hold photos.

I love the end result - don't you?  And our daughter loved it too!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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